CI Cases

    Case1:Capacity Increase          - A famous electrical plant increased the output / line via 30%  with 1 M investment reduction during 2 months. Adjusting the process with line stations re-arrangement is the key factors.

    Case2:Layout optimization      - The leading Enterprise in electrical appliances optimized the layout in one month. 20% area are saved and logistic routing is shortened. 

    Case3:Labour Saving                  - One labor-intensive enterprise re-balanced the line, implemented standard work instruction, improved the motion of operator and eliminated waste. Labor amount saved 15%.

    Case4:Supply chain improve         -    A Fortune 500 company lowered their conversion cost 70M/Y. We analysised and compared the global supply chains, take effective methods to reduce cost.

    Case5:Manufacturing Automation-  Automation of information flow and processes lift 40% output per unit in a big plant during almost half of year.

    Case6:Continue Improvement  -   Tire factory saved 8M in 10 months via building CI system and finding saving opportunies.